This Website is dedicated to the Men and Women of Boston Spa who gave their lives in service of this country

Don't forget Remembrance Sunday , November 12th 2017 - Gather 10:50 at the War Memorial


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Remembrance Sunday - Views of the Act of Remembrance November 9th 2014

Events - Videos / Pictures of the August 3rd 2014 Commemoration Event 

The Fallen - A short history  of the men whose names appear on the War Memorials

War Memorial - Photos of the Unveiling of the Boston Spa War Memorial in 1921


Also click the following links to watch selected videos regarding the Great War

ITV's "Great War peoples story" , Sunday 17 August 2014 and the Boston Spa connection - click here

 The BBC's "The Great War " Episode 17 " Surely We Have Perished "- Passiondale



 Cross made from wood of Ypres Cathedral



Boston Spa : Peace Day Celebrations